‘Make cooking special with the Siemens inductionAir. Maximise design potential by reducing the need for an extractor hood, integrating the extractor into a beautiful induction hob.’  

Combining induction technology with powerful extraction, the inductionAir hob is intelligently designed for your kitchen.

inductionAir venting hob
The inductionAir venting hob gives you the freedom to design your kitchen how you want to, with the added benefit of hassle-free cleaning. The innovative design means that the grease filters fit into an entirely detachable liquid tray unit which is designed to completely protect against spillages and over-boiled liquids.

How does it work
All parts of the inductionAir venting hob are neatly arranged in a liquid tray unit, accessed from the top of the hob. Each of the parts are dishwasher proof, including the cast iron and black glass air inlet grid, the 2-in-1 grease filter and the liquid tray. Each part is also separate to save space in your dishwasher.

Protects from spills
As a first layer of protection, the cast iron and black glass air inlet grid is designed to limit the flow of liquids into the ventilation module. As a second layer of protection, the liquid tray captures up to 200ml from day-to-day cooking and can be easily discarded. As a special layer of protection, up to 2 litres of liquid can be held in the liquid safety tank, accessed from beneath the appliance, protecting the appliance from further damage. This means you can focus on your cooking with
complete peace of mind.

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