Want to be star baker every time? You can update the oven timer any time through Alexa, with NEFF’s unique Slide&Hide Ovens ® and Home Connect.

Slide&Hide® Ovens

When you’re passionate about food and cooking, nothing should get in the way of cooking a meal or baking.

Our unique NEFF Slide&Hide® door is the only oven door that slides away underneath the main cavity, giving you more space in your kitchen. With easier access to the oven, basting, tasting and monitoring dishes is much easier, meaning even tastier results. Recognising our customers’ need for maximum cooking space, our unique full-sized single ovens are now even larger with a 71-litre capacity, allowing you plenty of room to get creative. 

Connect with Home Connect

The unique Slide&Hide® oven now features Home Connect, but what can it do for you?

Whether your hands are full doing other jobs in the house or you’re running late and need dinner ready on time, our Home Connect appliances are designed to make your everyday life that little bit easier and mnore convenient for you.

 Home Connect allows you to manage your oven via the app when you’re on the go and via voice control from home. So even if you are running late, you can remotely turn on the oven and have a hot meal waiting for you on your return home.

See our video for more information.