Choosing the perfect worktop for your new kitchen can be challenging and time-consuming to pick the right one for your lifestyle and space. Your ideal kitchen worktop should have a unique style, durability and require low maintenance. Quartz and granite,  provide a wonderful solution for any kitchen style.

Not only will these materials bring a unique style to your home but each provide their own benefits. Quartz worktops will provide you with maintenance advantages, whilst granite requires slightly higher maintenance. When deciding on what material to use for your kitchen worktop, you cannot go wrong with picking quartz or granite. See below where we detail the advantages of each type of material, natural granite and quartz Dekton and Silestone products.


 Corian is tough, durable, non porous, repairable, seamless and very easy to clean making it the ideal hard working kitchen work surface. 

Corian® is solid and homogeneous which means that Corian® colours and patterns run all the way through the product and cannot wear off. Corian® has proven to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in both domestic and commercial environments.
Corian® keeps its good looks and survives the impact nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear, making it ideal for a busy hardworking home kitchen.
None Porous
Corians non-porous surface prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material, meaning marks and stains stay on the surface and can easily be removed with a Scotchbrite® pad and household cleaner.
Corian® is exceptionally resistant to high temperatures, even cigarette burns or marks left by boiling hot pans are only superficial and can be quickly removed. Heavy stains and scratches can be erased without a trace simply by rubbing with household cleaner.
Color-coordinated Joint Adhesive bonds Corian® solid surface with inconspicuous seams. This results in a smooth surface that enables you to have large designs fashioned from a single element. This leaves no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria.


Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz, which make it extraordinarily hard and resilient. 

Stain Resistant
Silestone is a non-porous surface and highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup and many other everyday products.

Scratch Resistant

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world. This makes our products very durable, with a high level of resistance to external aggressions.

Impact Resistant

Silestone’s high impact resistance exceeds other similar products such as granite and solid surfaces. This feature guarantees safety in your kitchen when handling hard objects (pots, pans, etc.). This resistance is achieved thanks to its quartz hardness, its polyester resin elasticity and its vibrocompression system used during its production.

Colour Choices

Silestone is available in more than 90 colours, and with 3 different textures to combine, polished, suede and volcano, there are endless possibilities for you to find the perfect work surface for your new kitchen.


We offer a great range of granite colours and designs and always strive to fulfil the demand of our customers as soon as possible. However, we hope that our select product range is able to provide sufficient design patterns in specific granite worktops colour so that you can get the perfect colour for your kitchen.

Granite is a natural rock that is cut in its natural state and is then polished for use in homes. Maintenance after each use is suggested to prevent staining with granite. To clean granite, use warm water and soap to help keep its shine.

Such a strong material is difficult to scratch and is able to resist temperature changes. Because it is natural stone, granite doesn’t provide as wide of a range of color options and each piece is different, therefore, often times kitchens need to be planned around the slab that is chosen. That being said, planning a kitchen around a granite worktop is not always a simple task and requires the type of expertise that Kitchen World can provide.

To see our colour range, click on the images on the left or see the samples below.

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