Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your dishwasher? We have, so one of our tech experts made a 3D-printed camera stand, put a 360-camera on it and hid it inside one of our Perfect Dry Dishwashers while we ran a cycle.

The first thing that surprised us was how noisy it is inside the dishwasher – especially as you hardly hear anything when you’re on the outside. It’s also amazing to see the drying process as the Zeolith technology activates and quickly removes any moisture from inside the machine.

We found the swirling motion of the water strangely hypnotic. Don’t forget to check out all the angles as this is an interactive 360 video.

Watch as the water starts to rise and see for yourself why your plates come out so clean from a Bosch dishwasher.

One last thing; Please don’t try this at home. Your camera may not be as lucky as ours.
You can watch the 360 video here.