With interior design trends constantly evolving and developing, what’s in store for 2019?
Kitchen & Bathroom magazine from Utopia have predicted that darker tones – especially black – will be emerging as the ‘it’ colour scheme of the year.
Regardless of the size and layout of your kitchen, darker colours can make the space more impactful and dramatic.
Deep, dark colours are also great for those looking for a kitchen that will stand the test of time.
Cabinets, walls and floors are the obvious areas to add colour, however, there are subtler ways to incorporate this trend.
Why not try dark light fittings, or design accents such as shelves and wall hangings?

Dark countertops are great feature pieces in any kitchen, especially when contrasted with lighter cabinet shades. Popular dark countertop surfaces include marble, soapstone, slate and granite.
Tips for a contemporary kitchen using deeper tones
Use a simple colour palette alongside more daring accessories and create strategic pops of colour.
Contrast deeper colours such as charcoal grey with ivory white for a statement.
Experiment with a range of dark colour tones such as aubergine and navy.