Impact of COVID on Kitchen Design

During various lockdowns when restaurants and pubs have been closed, people are spending more time at home cooking and working. This has had an impact on kitchen design as more demands are placed on the hub of the home.

The main elements we are now regularly asked about are:

A work area: as many people are still working from home we are asked to create an area that you can use as a desk, so more power points are required, charger points and maybe an island unit or a breakfast bar that can double up as a desk.

Colour pop: whilst white kitchens remain popular as they look clean and hygienic, people are looking for a pop of colour to add cheer to the kitchen. This can be achieved with a contrasting door colour, a brightly coloured splashback or careful choosing of accessories such as lighting and small appliances.

Improved food storage: as most people are shopping less frequently, storage is of paramount importance. Siemens have a range of smart fridges and freezers that have specific zones for food keeping it fresh for longer and reducing waste.  For your cupboard storage, a space tower is ideal as you can see all your provisions, nothing gets pushed to the back to go out of date.

Social Space – when allowed, people are looking to entertain at home much more, so the kitchen/ dining area will need space for people to sit, relax and enjoy a drink whilst dinner is being completed by the host. We can advise on the best layout for your new kitchen to ensure the available space delivers just what you are looking for.

We are sure that as society reacts to the ongoing challenge of the pandemic, our kitchen and dining areas will continue to change to provide just the right surroundings our life now determines. Kitchen World will be keeping at the forefront of these demands so we can design the kitchen that is perfect for your family life now and in the future.